Museum of the Sea Civilizations, San Teodoro

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Museo delle civiltà del mare, Località Niuloni, 1, 08020 San Teodoro OT

The Museum of the Civilizations of the Sea comes from an idea of ​​the ICIMAR - Institute of Sea Civilizations, founded in San Teodoro in July 1989, which, wishing to collect memories of the past and archaeological finds of the territory.

On that occasion the Municipality of San Teodoro was chosen as the seat of the tourist and cultural services of the entire territory, and therefore the seat of a multi-purpose structure, also based on the skills and experience of the Institute provided essential support to the initiative. The Municipality of San Teodoro was immediately activated by making available a large building plot in the Niuloni area, on the northern outskirts of the town and, with European funding and municipal partnership, the extensive structure of the Museo delle Civiltà was built in three successive lots. of the Sea, with attached aquariums, and teaching room. The management of the complex was entrusted to the iCimar, promoter of the environmental and cultural activities of the Municipality.

The arrangement of the museum exhibits have been prepared and implemented in close collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendence of Sassari. The exhibits are, in succession, from the Punic Age to the Roman Republican Age; from the first Imperial Age; to the Middle Ages and from the Late Antique to the Middle Ages, while more recent finds (from 1500 to 1700) are kept in a special case. Colored photo plates also illustrate the wreck of the Roman ship of Baia Salinédda (3rd century AD, circa), from which part of the exhibited material comes from. The oldest evidence of maritime traffic along the Teodorina coast is constituted, at the moment, by the fragment of a Greek-Italic amphora of Campana origin; the other exhibited amphorae testify not only to the evolution of these containers over time but also to the intensity and frequency of maritime traffic along the stretch of coast that goes from San Teodoro to Olbia. There is also a late Punic amphorae coming from North Africa, in particular from Carthage, Punic coins of the mint of Sardinia, and a helmet of the Montefortino type perhaps belonging to an officer of the Roman legions engaged in the war against Carthage in Sardinia.

There are numerous finds related to the imperial age, in particular fine table ceramics (sealed italics) produced in Tuscany, and a crucible for the fusion of galena. In the museum are also exhibited some very well preserved lead anchor logs, millstones, coins of the imperial age; other coins are awaiting dating and cataloging by the Archaeological Superintendence. From the Middle Ages, ceramic pottery, fine table ceramics (sealed clear), amphorae. As is known, on the site where the current San Teodoro extends, along the Roman road that connected Olbia to Cagliari, in the Roman age, near the sea, the inhabited center of Coclearia, which was also a seaport of a certain importance. The ancient Coclearia survived the end of the ancient world and in fact in the Byzantine age we find a cult building dedicated to San Teodoro: the Byzantine cemetery area, unfortunately strongly tampered, returned items that were largely lost. The Museum preserves only the little that has been possible to save and recover, yet sufficient to testify to the vitality of the inhabited center. Of particular value a golden tremisse of Emperor Phoca, necklaces, rings, a bronze buckle. Other material dates back to the period in which San Teodoro, with the name of Offolle (from which Ovodè, Oviddè) was the land of the Giudicato of Gallura.

Opening times: the Museum follows the following times: monday, wednesday, friday from 9 to 13 and tuesday and thursday from 16 to 20.

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