Trekking excursion to Asinara

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Asinara island with its 52 square kilometres, is a spectacle of the natural landscape rich of historical and cultural heritage. The presence of native plant species and animals, such as completely wild mouflons, unique albino donkeys, its geomorphological features, ancient pastures and vineyards where the interaction between man and the environment are clear to see, the little coves and long beaches on the eastern coast and the historic scenery with ancient watch towers, the ruins of an old castle, the houses of the ancient inhabitants, the remnants of the many agricultural penal colonies that were active until the end of the 1800s, the maximum security prison, now closed, which was a detention place to Mafia members and Red Brigade terrorists, the former maritime quarantine station and the stunning lighthouse of Punta Scorno to the north.

After the maximum security prison was closed once and for all, Asinara National Park and Marine Protected Area was established due to the unique nature of the environment. It is all down to this that the resources found here can be protected, promoted and conserved.

The establishment of the Park allowed for the island to be used sustainably and for many activities to take place within it.

WELCOME TO SARDINIA: A unique trekking experience, made on itineraries centred around absolute respect for the places, rich of emotions that the island is able to offer.

The Itineraries: The Path of Granite , The Path of Water ,The Path of Castellaccio are divided in different difficulty level and we're sure that everyone will find the most suiteable. During the trek it is easily possible to see horses, donkeys and muflons that move between rocks and through the vegetation.

Transfers from Alghero are organized on request (not included in the price).

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